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Below you will find the results of Parent Questionnaire completed at Parents evening. We recieved more responces than ever before to the survey 195, this helps us gain a good idea of how you the parents feel about the school.  Many thanks for taking the time to write comments on the bottom of the questionnaires.  We do read them all and where possible act upon the findings.

Some rows don't add up to 100% this is because 1 survey is worth less than 0.5% so if only one person selects it, it rounds to 0%.



We carefully read every comment made on the surveys and here are the comments.


What we do well

  • Well done
  • Staff are very nice and welcoming and the TA in 3R is fab!!!
  • Miss Cole Miss Phul nice happy kind
  • So far the headteacher has dealt with my concerns very well in 2N.  The teacher this year in N's class are always happy to help with any concerns I may have, this incudes the T/A.  N really likes his Teachers this year (3R)
  • I'm satisfied with the report of my both kids in learning.  They have learning well.
  • Overall happy very good
  • My daughter happy with Mrs Col and Mrs Ful
  • Z has setted in well in to RW and enjoys her time at school
  • Thanks for the co-operation, love kindness of all Reception team and the school organisation and heads.
  • I am really grateful to all team of years I because of the affection, kindness and great care of the teachers as well as the organisation.


Even better if

  • My child feels that they learn well in class however, when I ask what they have learnt today they can never remember.  I get the same answer everyday 'I don't know, I can't remember.'  I think they should each get asked at the end of the lesson what one thing they have learnt that day.

I am sure that most parents would recognise this reply from children when asked what they have done each day.

A different strategy to try would be to rate their day out of 10 and then ask why it wasn't a...  what caused it to be so good.

Also the year group blogs allow you a peek inside the classroom to see what they have been learning so you can prompt your child to rememeber.


  • My son explained that sometimes his classes can be disrupted by other childrens bad behaviour.  Other wise I am very happy with progress he has made.


In school we take behaviour for learning very seriously and you will see behaviour triangles around school to encourage dark green behaviour.  our bevaiour management system of cards is also desigend to help pupils stay focused on their learning.


  • I would like pupils to be given a chance to learn a second language (preferably French, German or Spanish)  I would also like children to be taught some musical instruments.


In KS2 pupils are taught French from a scheme of work.

We are lucky that the school funds Yuklale in Year 3, Dave Barratt from Foxford School comes in to work with Year 6 and uses drums, steal pans and many other instrumnents.

As well as this we do have a number of musical instrument lessons taught in school so please look out for these letters.






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